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It’s All in the Consulting

PE Reviews. That name alone really doesn’t mean much to most who read it. But if you’re the one suffering from the medical condition premature ejaculation (PE), it could mean the difference between a normal intimacy in your relationship, or the collapse of your bond and possibly even divorce. If you’re the one seeking help, how would you know where to start?

A Proven Consultant

A website is only as good as the traffic it generates. Every online business, whether it is offering retail sales or information and services, has the intent of making a profit. Most of us need someone with the knowledge and experience to guide us in that area. PE Reviews made the wise choice of Welchman Consulting for guidance in how to make their business flourish. Marketing on the web gives an entrepreneur the freedom to run their business as they see fit. Welchman Consulting works with their clients to make sure that your business reaches its goals. With the proper consulting from Welchman Consulting, PE Reviews ( has been able to move into the global market, providing their unique brand of assistance to men all over the world.

PE Reviews is the site to consult for causes and treatments for premature ejaculation. This condition is the number one sexual dysfunction in men worldwide. Not only does it interfere with a satisfactory performance during intimacy, it can lead to depression and a breakdown of interpersonal relationships. Trying to solve the problem alone is rarely successful.

Information available at not only offers advice on treatment, but supplies you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on how to best treat your PE problem. It explains in detail the role of the brain in the sex act, and takes you through the hormonal processes that are the triggers for ejaculation. The most important hormone to exert its effect on the timing of ejaculation is serotonin. Serotonin’s role in the body is to generate sensations of pleasure, sexual satiation, and a concomitant elevation in mood. It is generally a drop in serotonin levels that manifests as premature ejaculation.

One method of controlling PE is topical sprays. These are covered on Sprays work through the desensitization of the penis. One of the most popular sprays, available online, is Stud 100. This spray, applied to the penis, decreases the man’s sensations during sexual penetration. This is a remedy that focuses more on the man’s partner than the man himself, however. The use of a spray will decrease the quality of the man’s erection, since the purpose of the sensations of sex is to experience arousal and pleasure.

The Ejaculation Trainer is a more effective and safe way of dealing with premature ejaculation. This eBook explains, in specific detail, how to gain control of the production of serotonin. Since it is the presence of serotonin that makes delay of orgasm possible, the only effective treatment for PE must include its control. The Trainer is based on the science of ejaculation, from physiology of the male reproductive system to the importance of your diet in maintaining your serotonin levels.