The Magic Touch of a Finger

No matter who you are, if you’re in an intimate relationship with a woman where sex is a part of the equation, there are a number of key concepts to remember when trying to please your female partner. Using your hands (fingers, specifically) can be immensely pleasurable for a girl, and can help spice things up for the both of you. When utilizing your fingers, there are two main objectives: Playing with the clitoris and fingering. There are upsides and pitfalls to both of these techniques, but both are equally important…and combining the two, even better!

For starters, when trying to find the clitoris, travel upwards from the opening of the vagina to the very top of the “inner lips” (labium minus, for those of us concerned with technicalities), right where they meet. The clitoris feels like a small bump, or even a small pea just under the skin, and moves around a little bit as you touch it. It is very sensitive (and therefore very important) and will swell a bit as the girl becomes more and more aroused.

Now that you’ve found the clitoris, or the “clit” as it’s most often called, what do you do with it? Begin with rubbing it with your index and middle fingers. Start softly, as this is a sensitive area, and focus on a circular pattern. After a while, pressure and speed can be increased. If you and your partner are up for it, you can also gently slap the general area, and combine the rubbing with stroking of the inner thigh, kissing the neck, biting the ear, fingering, or caressing the breast. Combinations can take the pleasure up a few levels very quickly, so it is helpful to keep in mind.

As fingering was mentioned above, it is a concept that is not too hard to accomplish and is extremely effective. First and foremost, be careful not to ram the end of your partner’s vagina (her cervix) as this is quite uncomfortable. However, this is usually easy to avoid because you’ll be able to tell if your fingers get this far, and most fingers just aren’t that long. In addition, make sure that your fingernails aren’t overly long or sharp, for comfort reasons. So for starters, one of the best ways of fingering a girl is the classic “come hither” finger motion. Take your index and middle finger and stroke the upper wall of the vagina. The ridged, textured area is commonly known as the “G-spot” and is right where you want to be, although the spot of highest sensitivity varies slightly woman to woman. Proper stimulation of this location is sure to steer her towards a shuddering, satisfying orgasm. While two fingers is the most common way to go, one or even three fingers also works, depending on you and your partner’s preferences.

Along with the typical finger-curling approach is the in-and-out movement of straightened fingers, or “finger-banging”, for lack of a better term. Just like with a penis or strap-on, start slow and shallow, then gradually increase depth and speed. Slightly angling upwards can help to rub against that sensitive upper wall, and combining fingering with stimulation of the clitoris or kissing of other parts of the body can be amazing for the girl. If you’re both up for oral sex, using your tongue to play with the clitoris while simultaneously fingering her can be one of the most satisfying ways to achieve that full-body orgasm.

Good luck, and be creative!

Increase Your Dick Size Naturally With These Simple Yet Effective Exercises

penis-enlargement-1238715_640Well, does the size of the penis really matter? To many women, it does not really unless it is extremely small or too enormous. To them, it is actually the art of using it which is the real deal. To men, on the contrary, increasing size does matter a lot. Interestingly the bigger it is, the better. Penis size causes a lot of anxiety to men just the same way as body weight, and shape is to the female counterparts. A bigger penis brings in a sense of confidence to men. They feel more masculine with it.

Since it is an important factor to them, there are exercises that can naturally increase the size of the penis. There are natural ways of increasing the size, so you do not have to worry about the harmful effects of viagra and other pills and lotions. They are safe and can be tried by anyone. The fundamentals are:

• The penis is composed of muscles among other tissues. These exercises will target these tissues.

• The exercises offer other benefits like stamina, improved blood flow, harder erections and more girth in addition to the enlargement.

• A lot of the exercises function through the stretching and expansion of the tissues. It could be done manually or with the help of specific devices which speed the results.

• You will need to commit a few minutes of your time, 4 -5 days per week.

These exercises particularly target the penis area.

Exercise Types

Jelqing uses an OK-grip, it is very straightforward and effective workout which allows the flow of nutrient rich blood to the penis as it stretches it. In a moderately erect state, you make an O-shaped with your index finger, and thumb at the base of the penis. Apply oil and gently stroke up or milk the penis from the base to the penis heads. This causes blood to flow to the penis head thus increasing the length and the girth. This exercise is suitable for beginners. This is done 100 times in two minutes.


Get larger penis through the squeezing method. When your penis is fully erect (has to be fully erect to be effective), with your thumb and index finger, press it towards the body. You shall see an increase in blood flow when performing this exercise. You have to press for 30 seconds. This exercise helps you with a large penis and more girth.


Clasp the head of your penis tightly. Be careful not to interrupt excess blood circulation. Pull and stretch it away from the body with sufficient energy to feel a stretch within the shaft and the base of your penis. Hold in that state for about 30 minutes. Rest a bit and repeat it for a least 10 to 15 minutes every day.

The Opposite Pulls

With your flaccid penis, grasp the tip with one hand and the base with the other hand. It might sound scary and painful, but it is very effective. Pull the penis in opposite direction with the two hands for about 10 minutes. You ought to feel a stretching within your penis. The process should be done for 5 minutes every day. If you feel any discomfort, you should stop. You should also not pull too hard; you might hurt yourself.

Penis Pumps and Extenders

These are the automated form of exercises. Penis pumps have varying features and designs. The working principle is the same. A cylinder with a pump is attached to the tip of the penis. The pump generates a partial vacuum in the cylinder. This reduced pressure forces the tissues in the area to enlarge and fill with blood.

The Kegels

Kegels are known to be very effective in women; however, it increases the penis size for men too if done right. You need to identify and find the Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle by attempting to stop your urine flow. Once you have located it, start contracting that muscle every day for about 20 to 30 minutes. The beauty of this method is that it can be done anywhere anytime.

There is food that might boost the enlargement process. Proper blood circulation is key to a fully erect and enlarged penis. Foods like dark chocolate, bananas, onions and Gingko Biloba aids in proper blood flow. Ensure to incorporate them into your diet.

You always have to commit to these exercises 4 -5 times a week for about 30 minutes to be able to see the results. Penis exercises are just like other body exercises if done right and you are bound to see the results. It requires undivided attention; the jelqing exercise, for example, requires about 15 minutes of full attention. The good thing about such exercises is that they have proven to be successful; however, you have to commit for a considerable amount of time, mostly over a month to see noticeable results. There are no harmful effects like the artificial methods. If these exercises are done religiously, you will see your little man increasing in no time. The key word, however, is commitment and patience.

It’s All in the Consulting

PE Reviews. That name alone really doesn’t mean much to most who read it. But if you’re the one suffering from the medical condition premature ejaculation (PE), it could mean the difference between a normal intimacy in your relationship, or the collapse of your bond and possibly even divorce. If you’re the one seeking help, how would you know where to start?

A Proven Consultant

A website is only as good as the traffic it generates. Every online business, whether it is offering retail sales or information and services, has the intent of making a profit. Most of us need someone with the knowledge and experience to guide us in that area. PE Reviews made the wise choice of Welchman Consulting for guidance in how to make their business flourish. Marketing on the web gives an entrepreneur the freedom to run their business as they see fit. Welchman Consulting works with their clients to make sure that your business reaches its goals. With the proper consulting from Welchman Consulting, PE Reviews ( has been able to move into the global market, providing their unique brand of assistance to men all over the world.

PE Reviews is the site to consult for causes and treatments for premature ejaculation. This condition is the number one sexual dysfunction in men worldwide. Not only does it interfere with a satisfactory performance during intimacy, it can lead to depression and a breakdown of interpersonal relationships. Trying to solve the problem alone is rarely successful.

Information available at not only offers advice on treatment, but supplies you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on how to best treat your PE problem. It explains in detail the role of the brain in the sex act, and takes you through the hormonal processes that are the triggers for ejaculation. The most important hormone to exert its effect on the timing of ejaculation is serotonin. Serotonin’s role in the body is to generate sensations of pleasure, sexual satiation, and a concomitant elevation in mood. It is generally a drop in serotonin levels that manifests as premature ejaculation.

One method of controlling PE is topical sprays. These are covered on Sprays work through the desensitization of the penis. One of the most popular sprays, available online, is Stud 100. This spray, applied to the penis, decreases the man’s sensations during sexual penetration. This is a remedy that focuses more on the man’s partner than the man himself, however. The use of a spray will decrease the quality of the man’s erection, since the purpose of the sensations of sex is to experience arousal and pleasure.

The Ejaculation Trainer is a more effective and safe way of dealing with premature ejaculation. This eBook explains, in specific detail, how to gain control of the production of serotonin. Since it is the presence of serotonin that makes delay of orgasm possible, the only effective treatment for PE must include its control. The Trainer is based on the science of ejaculation, from physiology of the male reproductive system to the importance of your diet in maintaining your serotonin levels.

How Can Welchman Consulting Help Squirt Trainer Expand Their Online Business?

This is one of the most productive companies sure to take any business into the next level in terms of online visibility and revenue expansion. If ever you are in need of some consulting advice before making any financial moves, Welchman Consulting should be your go-to. They will not only provide you with spectacular business ideas, but also transform your business into a huge cash machine within a short time.

“Squirt Trainer”

This is an online website whose main focus is on sexual pleasures, strategies and objects. They enlighten people on sexual do’s and don’ts that will guarantee the most pleasurable experience. Although their techniques can be used with both men and women, the main concentration is on getting a woman to orgasm and keeping her completely sexually satisfied.

“Ways in which Welchman Consulting can help Squirt Trainer Expand Online”

Every entrepreneur needs help to expand his business at one time or another. This is where Welchman Consulting comes into play. The main goal for this consulting service is to work with entrepreneurs in finding the best investment opportunities for their business that will generate the highest profits. They will help in developing an advance portfolio management that will help achieve their future goals and objectives for great financial success.

They are one of the best investments any online business can make if they want to increase their revenue. Online success can sometimes prove to be hectic and, quite frankly, frustrating even for the most productive entrepreneurs. Even though Squirt Trainer has a number of informative and fascinating intel on sex, Welchman Consulting can help them tap into new markets expanding their readers and online visibility.

What sets Welchman Consulting apart from the rest of its competition is their ability to advice their clients on their financial investments and the risks involved. Anyone can benefit from learning these skills including a newbie who does not have any kind of business sense. Thanks to their highly qualified actuarial consultants, you can make sound investments with their layout that separates liabilities from assets.

Additionally, Welchman Consulting deals with clients from all over the world which makes them the best in identifying the best global investments with the least risk factors. They will also help Squirt Trainer (Read: Lick Pussy Like a Sex God) identify current investments that instead of profiting their business, help in dragging their business. Similarly, they will identify those investments that hold the potential to flourish their company.

“Benefits of both businesses working together”

Squirt Trainer may not be a normal online business what with all the sex talk that some people may consider should remain a bedroom matter. Welch Consulting, on the other hand, is a ‘normal’ online business by any standards. So many people may wonder why such different businesses would consider working together. The answer is simple. Both are, if nothing else, businesses. And the main goal for businesses is to grow as fast and much as they can.

Squirt Trainer gets to achieve a huge online presence that will draw in a large number of readers through working with Welch Consulting who will use their expertise to make this happen. They will also get sound financial advice about their investments and how to grow exponentially.

Welch consulting benefits through adding another successful client into their list through working with Squirt Trainer. The success of Squirt Trainer is Welch’s success as well. Squirt Trainer will talk about how great working with Welch Consulting was which is kind of a referral. People will be able to notice the growth in the website and want to know their secret, which is Welch Consulting. That said, both online businesses stand to benefit from working together.

Reasons Why Welchman Consulting is the Best for Online Entrepreneurs

Though there are many businesses where one can invest their money in, it still pays to seek help from professionals such as Welchman Consulting when it comes to choosing the correct industry which will guarantee maximum returns. We know that entrepreneurs are people with a unique verve and enthusiasm towards the world, that’s the reason why we provide them with cutting-edge business ideas which will transform the societies in which they live in.

One of the beneficiaries in our consulting services is The owners contacted welchman consulting for tips on how to take their pet selling business to the next level, and we were happy to help them identify a niche that is still untapped in their native Latin America homeland. Petito sells different types of pets online including dogs, cats and parrots. Their website is available 24/7 throughout the day & night meaning that customer from all over South and Middle America can place orders at whichever time they find convenient.

Benefits of Working with Us in Improving Your Online Business

a) Impressive Scalability

Not every online business shall immediately start making profits upon opening. Getting an enterprise to flourish is one of the main challenge that entrepreneurs face, however Welchman offers clients the advantage of zero restrictions when it comes to the penetrating the world market with their respective products. We provide marshal marketing plans, where entrepreneurs can set targets on their respective online businesses and grow to infinite levels of success.

b) Limitless Freedom

Many entrepreneurs nowadays have ventured into online business due to the reason that web investments provide total freedom in business. Moreover, the advent of new technological platforms such as laptops, tabs, VoIP communication and business apps have made business operations not limited to a single location but worldwide. Contact us for professional consulting services, you’ll be surprised as to how modern entrepreneurs working with us are making strides in business with nothing but a Wi-Fi connection.

It’s quite empowering to conduct business while not tied to a particular location or sitting behind the office desk. Online entrepreneurs use the freedom available in this kind of business to work smart, and also balance their family-life with work in a more fulfilling way.

c) Access To An International Market

Most online businesses can access a worldwide market without many restrictions whatsoever. Common limitations such as geographical boundaries and local business policies do not apply when working with Welchman consulting. Sophisticated search-engine optimization techniques, as well as wonderful social and media networking sites have it easier for businesses to thrive effortlessly on the web. It’s true to say that the internet has made our world a global village, and on that note we are more than willing to help our clients take advantage of this opportunity.

If you’ve been thinking of starting a new online business then you are exactly at the right place. Welchman Consulting will make your dreams come true within the shortest time possible, your cash will be well invested so that ultimately the desired returns can be attained. We have vast experience in helping entrepreneurs just like you convert their business ideas to profits, contact us today and you’ll soon find out why we why welchman consulting is the best.

Why Welchman Consulting is the Best

Finding the best place and way to invest your money so it gives you a large amount of profit can be tough. In business today everyone is trying to benefit from everyone else. It becomes hectic, frustrating and sometimes heartbreaking to find the best investment area. Welchman investment consultants work with the market to find you the best investment areas that will get you the highest amount of profit. We work with you to help you develop advanced portfolio management so that you can achieve specific goals and objectives for your financial future.

Unlike brokers we do a more in depth job to formulate strategies for you that will be helpful strategies in reaching your goals. We use proven and tested theories and practices to recommend practical solutions for you as our client.

We have actuarial consultants that will look at the investment in both the liability and the asset point of view. This will help you plan and invest with an eye on your potential investment risks. We will help you calculate if the risks are worth or not.

We also are a investment consulting firm with a global view. We are a consulting firm for both local and international investors. We boast of a clientele based both locally and intentionally. This is good for you because we have an eye on all types of investments that you can be involved in where there are minimal risks.

We also offer assets advisory services to clients to help them know which assets are working for them and which ones are dragging them down. We also help you know which assets could bring you more money and which assets to invest in so that you can continue earning huge profits from your assets.

The core of our consulting firm is the risk management area. Risks in investments are sometimes unforeseen. For this reason we have structure tools putt in place that use calculations from excess returns, risks and correlations. Our objective being to create portfolios with the highest information ratio. Because of this we are able to implement risk management and risk budgeting at a more granular level.

Our experience gives us the authority to get you out of investments that were a potential loss and invest your money in more fruitful areas. Our friendly staff will listen to your ideas, your problems and inquires and offer to you the best way out, answers and our suggestions. For better management of your money, try us today.

Reasons Why Welchman Consulting Is The Best To Invest

Are you poised as to what kind of business you should invest? If so, with the transformation of the world business today business opportunities are constantly becoming rare, this has made entrepreneurs to explore other fields of business and invest there. Entrepreneurs are individuals who have a different charm of character in business as they see and opportunity and turn into a business idea. Many of the business opportunities, no matter how good they perform, sometimes end up being one of the worst experience to invest in as to the high investments needs but low gains. Online business is better off placed because they do not need much traditional difficulty which most of the firms face in business today. Are you an investor and would like to invest in an online business? Below are the reasons why Welchman consulting is the best:

Offers incredible scalability

Basically, not all online business will immediately upon start automatically reap high fortunes and grow to a high level in terms of profit. As you start an online business, there is always that believe in mind that your business will gather as many customers as possible and increase the sales figures. Making any business to flourish is one of the greatest challenged faced by entrepreneurs, but Welchman consulting has the advantage of no restrictions as to the penetration in the world market. Once the business sets in a marshal marketing plan, online business can sets target and grow to immeasurable business levels. As you invest in Welchman consultancy, offers you the chance to scale your business with high profit and sales volumes.

Provides you limitless freedom

Many entrepreneurs have resulted to online business because of the reason that internet investments offer you the total freedom in business. Introduction of new technological platforms like laptops, tablets, business applications and the VoIP communication structures have made operation of business not limited to one location. Just make a visit to Welchman consulting and you will be amazed as to the way employees are working on their online business with connection to Wi-Fi and enjoying their best meal. It’s empowering to do business not tied to any particular location or seated at the desk. Entrepreneurs use the freedom given by the kind of business to work smarter and balance the freedom with the work.

Access to a worldwide market 

Most of the online business has the ability to access the world market 24/7 without many restrictions. The limitation of the geographical boundaries and the time to perform business is not applicable in Welchman consulting, as most of the business is done around the clock. With a sophisticated search-engine optimization, wonderful social and media sites have made business to thrive efficiently. With internet reducing the world into a global village has made online investments access the world market with just click on the button.

So, have you ever thought to invest in an online business? Then, you are in the right place as with Welchman Consulting your dreams are fulfilled. Your money is well invested to give you the desired returns you need. With its cost effective and high profit margins, then it’s worth investing in Welchman consulting.